It is no secret that SUVs are dominating the global car market at the moment. It is the biggest car class and a new model comes out virtually every day. However, there is one thing automotive critics always point out and that is the fact that SUVs have abandoned their off-road roots and became comfortable street vehicles which only look rugged but in fact, they are as soft as luxury limousines. Simply, the market asked for that kind of vehicles and manufacturers replied. But, out of all 125 SUV models that are currently on sale, there are still few that are extremely capable off-roaders and are able to cross the desert, run through the jungle and climb the mountains with ease. If you try that with your regular modern SUV, equipped with front wheel drive and a couple of traction control systems, you`re in for a nasty surprise since ordinary SUV will be stuck in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, a capable SUV will go on and never look back. The difference between urban SUVs and off-road SUV is not in their looks or price but in the hardware below the body. The real SUVs have a body on frame construction, 4×4 drivetrain, tough axles and differentials and high body clearance. Urban SUVs have none of that and their construction is similar to that of an ordinary sedan or minivan but with optional all-wheel drive. That is why we have compiled the list of 10 SUVs that still have off-road capabilities and will not embarrass you if you take them off-road. So, here they are.

10. Subaru Forester


This is not your typical go-anywhere-do-anything SUV but it has pretty decent off-road capabilities due to the fact that it comes with the very good all-wheel drive as standard and flat six engine with a low center of gravity. That makes the Forester stable in difficult conditions and with decent body clearance, it can go through water or mud. Other important features are good equipment, great on-road drivability and comfort and an affordable base price of $23,500. This is a perfect vehicle for people who use their SUVs mostly on the roads but occasionally want to go for a camping trip and experience driving on dirt.