When it comes to college students, more often than not, they can’t afford expensive cars that are thirsty on gas and require costly maintenance. College students usually drive something that is cheap, reliable, and gets them from point A to point B without breaking the bank. Choosing a car that fits this criteria can be tricky as the there aren’t too many choices, but it’s not impossible. We’ve compiled a list of 10 cars for college students that we think would be a great option.

Nissan Versa
college student cars 1
This small Japanese car offers two things in particular, it is cheap and it is reliable. At a price of $12,815 Nissan Versa is a very affordable option that is built with that well known Nissan quality. That’s pretty much where the sales pitch ends. This car is quite spartan inside, offering only the basics. It’s 1.6L engine lacks performance, but it has a pretty good mileage.