There are cars we drive, and then there are cars we dream about driving. Most men will agree that there is certain car in their life, they would go to great extents to acquire. Usually it’s an exotic car, or a car with a great history in motorsports. You know the cars we’re talking about, posters of them were hanging in your room when you were a kid. Although it’s hard to narrow down the list due to differences in taste, we’ve come up with these 10 cars men dream about.

Ferrari 458
A pure blooded Italian with a 4.5L mighty V8 under the hood will make most car enthusiasts shiver with lust. Ferrari 458 is a true piece of art. The design is simply timeless, something Ferrari knows how to do really well. Imagine driving this beauty down a curvy Alpine road. Navigating unforgiving serpentines accompanied only by the spectacular sound of 458’s V8.