Most people these days think that cars capable of lasting more than 150,000 miles are a thing of the past, and that modern cars are made to break down more often. While this theory has some factual roots, it’s not always the case. There are still cars made recently, or still in production, that will reach 250,000 miles without a problem. Of course, there are always lemons out there, but most of the cars we are about to show you are capable of lasting long enough to see these mileage numbers. If you are looking for a reliable car, check out these 10 cars that will reach 250,000 miles and probably more.

Scion xB
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There are those who like Scions, and those who hate them. You will rarely find a person who is not opinionated when it comes to these cars. Whatever your opinion about this brand may be, Scion xB has proven to be a reliable car. It just keeps going, and according to the customer feedback, these things will easily reach 250,000 miles.