If you are buying a classic car, you probably know exactly what you want and why you want it. Whether it is a legendary model, or just a car that you feel good driving, classic cars are a joy to own. There is one more benefit to purchasing these cars. Some classic cars are predicted to become highly wanted in the future. Naturally, price of these cars will probably exceed what you are going to spend on them now, or even what their original owners had to spend when they bought the car brand new. Today we’ll show you 10 classic cars that are a great investment for the future.

Ford Mustang Boss 302
The legendary Boss 302 is definitely one of the most popular iterations of the Mustang. It was introduced in the 1970, and quickly became the object of daydreaming for most of American drivers. It came with an all new 302 cubic-inch V8 and a whole bunch of mechanical and aesthetic upgrades. It’s already very expensive due to it being a limited production car. The way things are going, Ford Mustang Boss 302 will only appreciate in value.