Even though F1 is considered to be the very top of motorsports, 24 Hours Le Mans is still pretty high up there. Driving a race for 24 hours takes an incredible amount of training, skill and discipline. Similar can be said about the cars that are used in this spectacular event. The Le Mans Prototype Class 1 are special in a way that they are built both for speed and endurance. These closed cockpit machines are one of the best looking, and best performing cars in modern motorsports. Here are 10 Genuinely incredible Le Mans racing cars you need to know about.

Lotus LMP1
You are looking at the latest carbon composite, V6 turbocharged beast from Lotus. This incredible machine weighs only 850 kg and looks absolutely stunning. Since it started racing, Lotus LMP1 had a few rough rides, but nothing the crew of skilled mechanics couldn’t fix.