Luxury cars have always been a status symbol for wealthy individuals who wanted only the best. Today these cars come in form of a Rolls Royce, or Maybach, but back in the day there were far more luxury car manufacturers than you know. Most of them died out for one reason or another, and we are left with relics of past times that serve as a remainder of just how great automotive industry was at one point. Check out these 10 luxury car brands that no longer exist.

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Horch is a perfect story of a student outperforming his master. August Horch was a skilled engineer who started his career working for Karl Benz, only to take his own path and make Horch. Not to long after, Horch managed to beat his former boss at the 1906 endurance race with his Horch 11/22 PS. Unfortunately, August Horch was ousted from the company. Even though their founder was gone, Horch continued to make excellent cars and by 1940s they’ve become more expensive and wanted than the best Mercedes-Benz at the time. Story about this luxurious car manufacturer ended with the start of WWII.