Luxury cars are a very interesting segment of the market. Their initial price is usually high, making them unattainable to the majority of population, but once they get to be several years old with a number of miles on them, the whole situation changes. If you don’t mind driving used cars, you can find incredible deals on semi-new luxury cars for a reasonable amount of money. This is mainly because the customers these cars are built for, usually tend to buy the latest model after a few years. Here are 10 luxury cars you can buy for cheap these days.

Jaguar XJ
You are looking at models made from 2004-2007. These Jags offer great performance, top notch comfort, and are simply classy. Finding one in good shape is not hard, and for a car that used to cost around $100,000 they come pretty cheap. Depending on the specs and features, you can find one of these for about $10,000 to $15,000.