9. Ford Focus Electric


The Ford Focus Electric is one of the most affordable electrics available and offers MPGe of 110 city and 99 highway. A full recharge of the 240-volt battery takes just three and a half hours. It has a lower end range on distance of about 76 miles and it lacks DC quick-charge capability, but it’s still a great choice for urban dwellers with shorter commutes. You have some charging flexibility here since you can use the standard 120 volt/30-amp convenience charge or a 240 volt/30-amp home charging station. Regenerative braking recovers more than 90% of kinetic energy, sending it back to the battery to be stored for later use. One fun feature is standard on this electric, Ford’s MyKey system, which allows you to leave your keys in your pocket or bag and open the door by touching the inside of the front exterior door handle. You can start by holding down the brake pedal while pressing the engine’s start button. It’s efficient, taking you about 300 miles on $15.00 worth of electric, and 105MPGe combines is nothing to sneeze at.