No matter what kind of cars you like, if you’re a true car enthusiast, you probably have a special place in your heart for the old school American muscle cars. There is just something special in the way these cars look, feel, and most importantly, drive. Rarely anything compares to having a turbocharged big block V-8 delivering unobstructed and barbaric amounts of torque to the rear wheels, all while sounding like 5 tornadoes are flying past you. On that note, here are 10 most iconic American muscle cars.

1964 Ford Mustang


If the world had to choose one car that defines the meaning of American muscle, that would probably be the Ford Mustang. It was not the first, nor the most powerful, but it became an icon world wide. First revealed in 1964, the first Ford to show the famous pony badge was equipped with a 4.3L V8, only to later be upgraded to 4.7L. The importance of this car is dual, not only was it a great car that offered an interesting balance of power and price, but it also kick-started the competition.