Long gone are the days when you had to buy a race bike and then basically mutilate it in order to create a streetfighter that you’ve always wanted – a faster and meaner looking machine that was a mirror of your personality. Nowadays streetfighter bikes have a market segment of their own, and numerous manufacturers push out new models every year. Today we’ll take a look at these machines, but not the ones you would usually see on the road. This time we are looking at most outrageous, expensive, and high performance streetfighters.

VYRUS 985 C3 4V
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This bike is hard to describe since there are few things like it out there. It sports an unconventional design, is light despite how big it is, and pushes a tuned 999cc Ducati engine to produce 155 horsepower. That’s 181mph top speed from one of these machines. Did we mention it uses hub steering? When it came out it was the most powerful production bike in the world, period. Naturally, all of this goodness comes with a price, and in case of VYRUS 985 C3 4V, it’s set at $47,000 for the base model. Top of the line one with a supercharger and a bunch of other things will cost you $91,500.