Buying a used car can be a great, or horrifying experience depending on how you go about doing it, and how careful you are when you go to look at cars. Sellers you come in contact with will do their best to sell you the car, and will even go as far as to try and trick you. Because of this, it’s absolutely necessary that you ask all the right questions and closely inspect the car. We’ve compiled a list of 10 things you need to do when buying a used car that will shed some light on this subject.

Know the history of the car
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It’s very easy to mask the car’s true condition in order to sell it. Therefore you should do your best to learn the history of the car. Some old lady’s car that was garaged for the most of the year, will probably be in a far better condition than the same make, model, and year that was used all-year round while being parked outside.