While there’s a lot of cars that are considered to be unique due to the fact that very few were made as a part of a limited edition series, there are cars that are truly unique. So unique that only one of each was ever made. Unless you are a very dedicated car enthusiast, chances are that you have never heard about many of these cars. Some are made by very well known car manufacturers, and other are made by smaller and lesser known companies. Here are 10 unique cars that you probably didn’t know about.

Volkswagen Golf W12 650
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There are several variations of the now famous VW Golf that are considered to be fast performance machines. However, there is only one Golf out there that is truly outrageous. VW Golf W12 650 is a unique version of this popular model that sports a W12 engine from a Bentley, allowing this little hatch to produce over 630 horsepower.