When you’re looking for a new car, it’s not only the power, comfort and gadgets you need to be looking at. It’s also fuel consumption, now more than ever. Gas is definitely not cheap, and while a supercharged V-8 Corvette truly is amazing, just feeding that beast would quickly ruin your day. On that note, here are 11 cars that have the best fuel economy in 2015, and guess what? They are all electric.

Mercedes Benz B-Class Electric Drive


Even though it’s has the lowest performance on our list, this little B-Class is definitely putting Mercedes-Benz in the fuel economy race. Since it’s electric, we are measuring the fuel economy in e-mpg, and Mercedes Benz B-Class Electric Drive will give you 84 combined. The motor is capable of producing 177 horsepower with a range of 87 miles on a charge. Unfortunately it will only be available in select states of U.S.