Tuning cars and modding them using aftermarket parts is a popular hobby that thousands of people around the world enjoy. There is a whole market dedicated to this, and the manufacturers are constantly developing new and advanced components that will make your car go faster or look better. However, rarely do people ask themselves just how legal are these mods? Many don’t know that some of these mods actually affect their car’s performance in a way that makes it drop below safety and emissions standards. This leads to numerous tuned cars being failed at yearly inspections in some countries. Let’s take a look at what mods are actually illegal.

Performance exhausts
illegal car mods 1
There is nothing better than hearing that mighty roar as you shift gears. To achieve this effect and to increase the performance of heir car, many car owners buy and install aftermarket exhaust systems. However, these may be illegal due to their noise level outputs, and increased emissions. Before you decide to install one of these on your car, you should find out what your local laws are regarding noise levels.