Depending on where you live and what you do, pickup trucks can be pretty useful. While it is true that some people own them just because they like the appeal, most pickup truck owners use them daily in their professional or personal life. These cars are great utility vehicles, and for someone who needs to haul a lot of cargo frequently, they are indispensable. Pickup truck market is large, with a lot of models being sold. There are however, some that simply stand out. Lets take a look at 12 most popular pickup trucks today.

Ford F-150
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If there’s one truck that any American will recognize right away, it’s the Ford F-150. This truck has seen many generations, and no matter how much its appearance changed, it still remains the workhorse of America. Latest model comes with an assortment of engines that range from the 2.7L six-cylinder, to more robust 5.0L eight-cylinder. No matter which you choose, there will be a lot of torque at your disposal.