On a basic level, there are two conditions every sports car needs to meet. It needs to be fast, and it needs to be good looking. Once those two are met, we can dig deeper and dissect every individual part of its design, and measure its performance. But those are the basics. Naturally, what is beautiful to someone is utter garbage to someone else. However, there are simply cars that are so ugly that most people would agree that their designers need to take an eye exam, or reconsider their choice of profession. Here are sports cars that are just too ugly.

Jetstream SC250
ugly sports cars 1
For a vehicle that belongs to the same category as the Ariel Atom, Jetstream SC250 really surprises with its performance. However, that’s about the only thing this car has going for it. The design can only be described as atrocious. It looks hastily put together, and that front end is a dead giveaway that someone rushed this job, no one in their right mind would actually ‘design’ something like that.