Although they are not the most practical type of vehicles out there, coupes have always been one of the most popular ones. There is just something about having a car that has only two seats, no matter what kind of performance it delivers. Speaking of which, coupes usually always bring a good punch when it comes to speed and handling. If you always wanted one, but didn’t want to dish out over 50 grand for a car, we’ve picked 13 “affordable” coupes that might fit your budget.

Chevrolet Camaro
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We start our list with an American legend. While this car has received a lot of critique, mainly from people who are still in love vintage models of this car that rocked the world back in the day, modern Chevy Camaro is with out a doubt one of the best looking coupes you can get. With the MSRP under $25,600 and a powerful engine under the hood, what is there not to like?