Every car enthusiast has one problem in common. We all know there are just so many great cars out there, that our chances of owning them all are close to zero. That is unless you are a billionaire, but even then it would be a hard task to accomplish. However, maybe getting to drive some of them is not so impossible. You may run into someone who owns one of these and manage persuade them to let you drive it around the block, or you could simply go and rent one. Either way, we’ve compiled a list of our 13 top picks for cars you need to drive before you kick the bucket.

Datsun Z
cars to drive before you kick the bucket 1
These iconic Japanese classics are becoming all the rage in the West. Finding one to buy is absolutely not a problem, and chances are you can easily come across an opportunity to drive one without too much effort. Any one of Datsun Z models will do, as all of them share the same feel and connection with the driver. You have got to give it a try.