Celebrities are some of the wealthiest people in today’s society. Few of them chose to spend a portion of that wealth and acquire some really expensive and rare cars. Sure, there’s nothing strange about seeing a famous movie star in an exotic car, but there are celebrities who are serious car collectors. This means that you will see a lot more than the latest Ferrari in their garage. Check out this list of celebrities who have incredible car collections.

James Hetfield
celebrities with incredible car collections 1
One of the most famous frontmen in history of metal music is also an aficionado of vintage cars. His collection isn’t too large, but it contains some of the most exotic cars on the planet. He owns a 1936 Custom Ford Iron Fist, custom 1937 Lincoln Zephyr, 1936 Auburn Roadster and 1948 jaguar Saloon Black Pearl that was also customized. To balance that out, Hetfield drives a Tesla Model S.