Imagine suddenly having millions of dollars appear on your bank account. All of a sudden life is great, and you bought that luxurious house you always wanted. One day you learn about this super exotic supercar and since you are a millionaire now, you decide you want to buy one. Now imagine your disappointment when you are told that the supercar you want to buy is not road legal where you live. Believe it or not, not all supercars are legal to drive in certain places around the world. This applies to both new and vintage models. Some you know about, others you probably don’t. To give you an idea, here’s 13 supercars that are illegal to drive around the world.

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
incredible supercars that are illegal 1
Sesto Elemento is one of the most daring cars Lamborghini ever made. It’s the result of meticulous engineering, implementation of advanced materials, and just purely jaw dropping design. This bad boy can go from 0 to 60 mph in incredible 2.5 seconds. Even with all of this, it wasn’t good enough to meet the British road safety standards. Wealthy Brits will have to find another exotic supercar to drive, as this Lambo is illegal.