Owning a rare and exotic supercar is a unique feeling, there isn’t much like it out there. Some of these cars have extremely high monetary value, while some are so valuable that you can’t express their worth through money at all. It’s all fun and games until something goes wrong. This is probably the worst nightmare of any insurance company in the world. It’s one thing to crash your VW Passat, but crashing a Pagani Zonda? Most insurance agents will wince by even thinking about it. Unfortunately for all parties involved, these things happen, and we’ve selected 13 most expensive, and insane car insurance claims on the records. Prepare to be shocked.

Ferrari 250 GTO
most expensive car insurance claims 1
Owner of this unfortunate Ferrari 250 GTO suffered what we can only imagine is the worst day of his life when lost control of his prized possession, and crashed it into another car. This happened during a historic race, and was really not the fault of our unfortunate 250 GTO or its driver. In the end, the car that was valued at $35,000,000 is now just an expensive heap of metal. While we don’t know exactly how much the insurance claim was, we can only imagine the face of the insurance agent who received that phone call.