We can all probably agree that 90s was one of the best decades when it comes to cars. While there were some flukes and oddballs on the market, we were mostly graced with some of the best looking cars whose design is simply timeless. Some of them are still in high demand today, which is only a testament to their quality and ingenuity. In this article we’ll discuss 14 well known, and some not so well known cars that were made in the 90s, which left a mark on us as consumers and the whole industry.

Ferrari F355
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The F355 was definitely one of the most iconic Ferraris made in the 90s. It had a new and improved engine that outperformed its predecessor, the 348, and offered more horsepower to the wheels. The design of this Ferrari is to this day simply amazing. Not only that, but the aerodynamic properties of that design have proven to be incredible as well, generating great levels of downforce.