When you make it big in sports and you become a part of the elite, you are guaranteed to get wealthy. Many of such athletes are young, famous, and looking for various ways to spend their money. One of the common things they blow their cash on are cars, but not just regular cars. Most high paid athletes have at least a few impressive supercars in their garage. However, even when you belong to such a select group of people, you still want to be unique in your own way. With that said, athlete’s cars are usually some of the most outrageous you will ever see. Not because of the type of car they drive, but because how they chose to customize that car. See for yourself.

Dodge Viper – Hulk Hogan
outrageous athlete cars 2
Athough he’s been retired for a long time, Hogan was once a famous athlete. Being a patriotic American, it’s no wonder he owns a Dodge Viper, a car that many consider to be one of the best things American automotive industry has ever made. Only his Viper is anything but ordinary. This Viper is heavily customized, and is on a level of its own. Check out those colors.