When you think about it, supercars really have it all: its striking, dramatic design comes first, followed by mindbending performance and often astronomical price tags. While they do look, sound, and perform like a dream, supercars often remain unattainable to an average enthusiast. On the other hand, there are machines that hide a considerable amount of power under its ordinary, sometimes completely boring looks. These cars are blisteringly fast, but also practical and considerably cheaper than an average supercar. Here’s our list of 15 normal looking automobiles that can offer you a lot of low key speed that can embarrass many unsuspecting supercar owners.

MG Maestro Turbo


We’ll start this list with an entry straight from the history books, of a car so little and so boring, yet so powerful that it could beat a Ferrari! MG Maestro Turbo was an obscure limited-run version of the Austin Maestro powered by a carburated turbocharged 2.0l engine producing 150 bhp. The numbers seem quite unimpressive by today’s standards, but this nimble car had a 0-60 sprint in 6.7s, with the maximum speed of 132MPH. At the time, it was enough to beat many GT cars of the era in a 0-60 sprint. Often forgotten, these little gems were the ultimate proof that speed can come in very compact packages.