Unless you are a wealthy, one of the main factors when it comes to choosing which car to buy, is the maintenance cost. If you have a reasonable budget, you might be tempted to push it to the limit in order to buy a more luxurious car, but by doing that you are running a risk of not being able to finance the more expensive maintenance that car requires. If this kind of decision making is something you are going through at the moment, check out this list of 15 cheapest to own cars from different segments of the market, and maybe you will find something you like.

Chevrolet Spark
cheapest to own cars 1
If you are going for the cheapest reliable ride you can find on the market, Chevrolet Spark is the way to go. This subcompact hatchback is great for urban environments, and offers great fuel economy. One more good thing about Spark is the cost of ownership that is set at $26,900, and this is for five years of maintenance and other expenses.