If you’ve ever listened to The Clash, you might remember the verse ‘I fought the law and law won’. Yes, law usually wins, but by exploiting loopholes that every law has, you could turn out to be the winner against the law and avoid paying for your traffic fines.

The human factor


Not necessarily a legal loophole, human factor is one of the most basic ways of avoiding a traffic fine. If you’re being pulled over by an officer of the law, it’s the best for you to be composed, friendly and as assertive as possible. You should perform the so-called California stop. As the officer is pulling towards you, you should roll the window down, turn the interior light on, place the hands on the steering wheel and wait for further instructions. Seeing that you’re not presenting a threat, the officer will let his guard down, and will be more polite to you. That way, you could try and persuade him that you’re well aware of your mistakes and that you’re sorry for making them.