Fifty years ago, when we were postulating on the high-tech cars that would exist by the year 2000, we imagined flying cars – a thought than sparked the creation of many television shows like The Jetsons – yet it’s 2016, and our cars still don’t leave the ground (often)! With that little minus aside, technology is heading in directions that were not at all expected in past generations, directions that have been brought about by changes in our environment and how we interact with technology.

Modern engineers, besides equipping cars with the latest driving aids and ways to interface with our phones, tablets and online life, also focus on controlling fuel consumption, pollution, finding alternative energy sources and moving towards driverless cars. With competition so fierce nowadays, manufacturers are often working to add headline ‘gimmicks’ to the technology offered in their cars. For techies, the choices available when buying a car have made it a staggering and exciting experience.

Below are 16 cars that get tech right, making the interaction between man and machine as effortless as possible.

Volvo S90


A great choice for a person that values safety above all is the Volvo S90, a car that can be bought for less than fifty thousand US dollars. This safe, elegant and comfortable car is also a great option for a tech junkie, with its nineteen speakers, exemplary infotainment module placed in the center of the dashboard, nine-inch Sensus Navigation and keyless entry and drive.