When it comes to trucks, the numbers most buyers are looking for are payload and towing capacity, followed by truck bed depth, width and length. Fuel capacity is often neglected, but it is also important, especially when you’re buying your next truck on a budget. Depending on its size and the engine that sits under the hood, a truck can achieve all sorts of different mileage figures. As heavy duty trucks often don’t get full scrutiny from the EPA, their fuel mileage will not be shown on our list. So, we’ve browsed through the North American market in search for the most and the least fuel efficient trucks, and we’ve made a list of 17 trucks, sorted from gas savers to gas guzzlers.

17. GMC Canyon (22/30)


This light pickup truck has EPA mileage rating of 22/30, at least when equipped with 181-horsepower 2.6L DOHC inline four Duramax turbo diesel engine and two wheel drive. Starting from $21,880, the GMC Canyon is one of the cheapest trucks on the market, but with the optional Duramax diesel, its price jumps significantly to $36,550 since the engine is not available in all configurations.