The history of the automobile has seen many ups and downs. We have seen the most spectacular feats of automobile engineering and we have seen total failures.

Today we will honor 18 of the worst cars in the history of automobile manufacturing. These cars have taken the prize for being the most confusingly dysfunctional automobiles to have ever been created. They’re the cars that make you wonder how they made it all the way from the drawing board into major production. While they may not have been the wonderful cars their designers had hoped for, they did give us a lot to learn from and it was from these mistakes that better models were born from. So, let’s not laugh or make fun; instead, let us celebrate 18 of the automobile industry’s biggest mistakes.

1917 Chevrolet Series D


Looks OK, huh? The 1917 Chevrolet Series D gets a D minus for lack of effort. Chevy releases this car with the first ever V8 and it was actually less powerful and much slower than their 4-cylinder. It took them 37 years to fix the issues before the first real V8 was released.