Aerodynamics means different things to different drivers. Some crave the visual treat of a vehicle optimized for optimum airflow, and others look at the more functional aspects – increased downforce and lower drag. Some just love crazy big spoilers. Whatever the reason, a car with awesome aero is a car worth loving.

Aftermarket kits often have pieces that not only look great but also improve a vehicle’s aerodynamics, but the following cars had awesome aero from the moment they left the factory. Check them out below.

Plymouth Superbird


Nascars used to be high-powered cars with the aerodynamics of a brick. They motored around the ovals at a high speed but didn’t do it too scientifically. As drivers, crew chiefs and engineers figured out drafting, downforce and drag there was always going to be a team that made a big leap forward, and in 1969, the Dodge Charger Daytona arrived. The 1970 Plymouth Superbird improved on the concept, one of a pointed nose to cut through the air and a giant wing on the back of the car making sure there was downforce on the rear wheels so this bird didn’t take flight.