Owning a luxury car is a dream of almost any enthusiast but only a handful has the privilege to go to the dealership and drive off in a brand-new premium sedan or sports car. However, for us less fortunate, there is still a way to enjoy the advantages of luxury models and that is to buy them used and for a fraction of their original cost. We know what you think right now, never buy a used luxury car, but there is no reason to be afraid of this kind of purchase. If you find a slightly used luxury model, with a few miles on the clock and full service history, there is no reason not to buy it. In some cases, you can even buy additional warranty which is a really good thing and then you are fully covered.  The advantages of used luxury models are plenty. First, you get it for a half of the original sticker price since luxury cars depreciate up to 40% in the first year of ownership. Second, you`ll get luxury features, powerful engines, creature comforts, and latest safety systems. Third, owning a luxury car will make you feel good about yourself, especially if you are a car enthusiast. Of course, second-hand premium models have more expensive maintenance and repairs as well as insurance, but if you choose carefully that shouldn`t be such a big problem. That is why you shouldn`t waste any more time and you should start searching classified ads for luxury car bargains right now. Here are our 20 suggestions on second-hand sedans and sports cars that you could buy at the price of a new mid-sized family car or even less.

  1. Porsche Panamera


Back in 2010, Panamera caused quite a stir among the automotive public as the first sedan from Porsche. With the original price tag of around $100,000, you will be interested to know that you can find 5 to 7-year-old Panameras for one-third of that. This is a big and comfortable sports sedan with a powerful engine and optional four-wheel drive. And it is Porsche for the price of a Prius.

  1. Lexus LS

2006 Lexus LS 430 Premium

Often regarded the most reliable and well-built luxury sedan, Lexus LS is quite common on the second-hand market. The prices vary from model year and version but you can find them for as little as $10,000 for older models to $40,000 for newer versions. Always look for more powerful models equipped with a V8 engine.

  1. Jaguar XK


We know that you always promised yourself a true Grand Tourer with a powerful engine, luxurious interior and elegant styling. For around $20-25,000 you can have that in form of the Jaguar XK coupe or convertible. Still looking pretty modern and with more than decent performance, this is a perfect buy. If you can, buy a supercharged and 400 hp strong XKR version.

  1. Land Rover LR4


This luxury SUV is also known as the Discovery and it features very rugged construction, elegant interior, and enough power for on and off-road driving. For around $25,000 you can have a fully equipped LR4 with a few miles on the clock and a lot of life left in it.

  1. Hyundai Genesis

Hyundai Genesis Sedan V8

This luxury sedan was always praised for comfort and quality but a rather pale styling and lack of brand recognition killed the sales and popularity alike. This means that you can buy a fully equipped 2009/2010 Hyundai Genesis with a V8 engine for just over $10,000. A small amount of money for a big car with all the important features.

  1. Porsche Boxter/Cayman


With the base Porsche 911 prices close to six figures, the Boxter/Cayman duo is the only way to enjoy perfect handling, sound of a flat six engine and swift performance for a reasonable amount of money. You can get a late ’90s Boxter for under $10,000 but we suggest you spend more and find a newer model with fewer miles and better equipment and start living with a proper sports car for the price of an economy compact.

  1. Volkswagen Phaeton


We bet you didn’t know that Phaeton and Bentley Flying Spur share the same platform, most mechanics, and one engine. This means you can have Bentley technology for just over $10,000. When released, the Phaeton wasn’t exactly a sales success despite the looks, luxury and power so today you can buy if for very cheap and if you want to go all out, look for the top of the line W12 version.

  1. Lincoln MKZ


Ford’s luxury brand is struggling to become a mainstream premium manufacturer and regain its lost position. That is why Lincolns are cheap on the used car market and for less than $20,000 you can have an MKZ that’s a couple of years old with all the luxury features, leather interior, infotainment system and more.

  1. Mercedes E-Class


The most common Mercedes sedan, the E-Class is a popular second-hand luxury model. There are quite a few versions and model years to choose from and the prices start at $15,000 for decent examples. You can even get the mighty AMG versions, but for considerably more.

  1. Acura RL

2011 Acura RL

The 2008 Acura RL was a pretty good luxury sedan with a 300 hp V6 engine and intelligent all-wheel drive, and let’s not forget signature Acura quality. This is why it is a very desirable used car, especially if you know you can get one for just over $10,000. Despite being 10 years old, the RL still looks fairly modern and it drives great.

  1. Audi A8


Never quite as popular as the Mercedes S-Class or BMW 7-Series, Audi A8 is nevertheless the luxury sedan of the highest order with innovative technology, powerful engines, and elegant design. The 10-year-old examples are around $20,000 so why not try to find A8 that will suit your needs. The top of the line W12 long wheelbase version is a little more expensive, but it is well worth it.

  1. Cadillac CTS

Cadillac CTS.

The CTS was nothing like the Cadillacs of old, big heavy and slow. It was a sharp looking, fast and well equipped executive sedan with great chassis and handling, equally good as German competitors if not better. However, depreciation attacks all cars, and now you can buy a 6 to 7 years old CTS for around $20,000 which is a steal.

  1. Jaguar XF


Combining British elegance, powerful engines and luxury interior made Jaguar XF a very desirable car and very appealing used car to buy. The first generation XF introduced in 2007 can be bought for around $25,000 and you can even get a sublime supercharged one with 470 hp for a little more than that.

  1. Volvo S60


The previous generation of the mid-sized S60 sedan is a very interesting model. It combines elegant albeit a little bit restrained design, quality technology and signature Volvo safety. Basically, it is everything you want in a family sedan. There are even an all-wheel-drive models as well as turbocharged 300 hp models. Whichever you choose, be prepared to pay around $20,000.

  1. Maserati Quattroporte


This exotic Italian luxury sedan was over $100,000 new, but now it is far more affordable. The maintenance and part costs can scare you and insurance could be expensive but take a test drive, hear the engine noise and feel the leather in the interior. Then go out and pay around $30,000 and enjoy every minute of its ownership.

  1. Chevrolet Corvette C6

2005 Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette was a relatively affordable sports car when it was new and it can only get cheaper as the time passes. The C6 generation produced from 2005 to 2013 is a great looking and fantastically capable two-seater with more than 400 hp and perfect driving dynamics. Why pay $50,000 for a used Porsche 911 when you can get the same performance for $25-30,000?

  1. BMW 5-Series


Powerful straight-six engines, luxury interiors, sporty handling and precise steering. That is, in short, the BMW-5 series. The Bavarian power sedan was always very popular and there are many for sale but we suggest you pick E39 or E60 models since they combine modern features and design with low price. Expect to pay around $15,000 for a nice example and if you want more performance you can always buy the mighty M5 with 500 hp.

  1. Infiniti G37

Infiniti G35 Sedan, 2007

Available as a sedan or a coupe, Infiniti G37 is an interesting alternative to German executive sedans and it can rival them in terms of luxury and comfort. Look for a 328 hp model with full optional equipment and be prepared to pay just under $20,000 for a couple-year-old car. If you have sporty pretensions, look for the coupe version.

  1. Mercedes CLS


The beautiful and a little bit eccentric Mercedes CLS is a four-door coupe first introduced in 2005. It featured E-Class platform, S-Class engines and gorgeous low and sleek body with luxurious interior. It was expensive and exclusive but now you can have a piece of European automotive chic for $20-25,000. Of course, always go for a V8 powered version or sublime CLS 63 AMG with 514 hp.

  1. Chrysler 300 C


The classic American sedan is still pretty appealing in form of the Chrysler 300 C. With boxy styling, massive chrome grille, luxurious interior, a long options list and famous Hemi engine, the 300 C is a greatest hits compilation. Everything a luxury car buyer wants, the 300 C has to offer. For $25,000 you can get a V8 powered, Detroit-made sedan and rule the highways.