Despite the fact that SUVs have evolved from rugged off-roaders which never left the wilderness, mud and desert terrains, their successors are basically city vehicles. Most modern SUVs are made only to go on paved roads, highways and never to leave the comfort of the town. It is the same really since the SUV layout can offer so much more in terms of usability and driving than to be just a comfortable ride for soccer moms and big shopping trips. However, that is the market reality and the buyers are always right. That is why we have compiled a list of 20 best SUVs for city driving. There are few important aspects to consider when you are looking for an SUV which will be used in urban areas. First, the important thing is the size and a city SUV must have compact dimensions to be easy to park and maneuver in heavy traffic. Second, a city SUV must have enough room for passengers and luggage which consists of groceries or shopping bags. Third, since you are never going to leave the tarmac, you don`t need intelligent all-wheel drive systems and you are good with base front-wheel drive layout. Fourth, you don’t need a very powerful engine since you are not going to cruise or plow through the muddy rivers and jungles. All of that means that you concentrate on appearance packages and spend money on exterior options, creature comforts and infotainment systems to make your sitting in traffic more pleasant. Having all that in mind, here are 20 best city-oriented SUVs for you.

20. Kia Soul

2017 Soul Turbo

The small, practical and affordable Kia Soul is a starter city SUV model. It features two economical four-cylinder engines, with 131 or 160 hp powering front wheels through an automatic transmission. With its compact dimensions, the Soul is easy to drive and has enough space for all daily tasks. The trim levels are good and the best thing is the price. For $16,900 you can get 131 hp Soul with an infotainment system and 7-speed automatic.