If you think that pickup trucks are a typical American car class, you are wrong. It is true that American market is basically dominated by pickup trucks of all shapes and sizes and that pickups are an integral part of the American automotive landscape. But, in the last couple of years, this segment has started growing in popularity all over the world, especially in Europe. So, we can expect that pickups are going to be a truly global car class, bought and enjoyed in every corner of the planet. Simply, the advantages of pickup trucks, their ruggedness, capability, and looks are just too good to be ignored and buyers everywhere finally understand that a pickup is not only a workhorse but that it can be a pretty stylish ride which is capable of completing every task. That is why the pickup class is so interesting and there are a lot more to come for 2018. We have compiled a list of 20 best and most interesting pickup trucks that are coming in 2018 and here you can find new models, new drivetrain configurations, new versions and even two new manufacturers that are entering the pickup game. So, let’s start presenting you the colorful world of pickup trucks for 2018.

Chevrolet Colorado

Colorado Redline Edition

Chevrolet scored big with the introduction of the Colorado line. This is a mid-size truck which is capable of some pretty serious stuff, especially in ZR2 trim. This is a compact truck with abilities that can match a full-size Silverado, minus big weight, dimensions, and price. For 2018, you can expect that the Colorado will get a diesel option, better equipment, and trim additions. Good enough to keep it amongst the best trucks on the market.

Toyota Tacoma


Toyota’s Tacoma is a very good truck, capable of towing, carrying and crossing rough terrains while still looking presentable with a comfortable and high-quality interior. The engine lineup consists of several good engines starting with fuel efficient 2,7-liter V6. For off-road fans, there is the TRD Pro trim which adds the components to make the Tacoma into a rock crawler and desert warrior.

Fiat Fullback


Even though Fiat has big experience with commercial vehicles, their lineup of pickups was almost non-existent and limited to the South American market only. This is a brand new, mid-size Fiat truck called Fullback which will be available globally from late 2017 and early 2018. It is based on Mitsubishi platform and it will feature four-cylinder engines and a couple of trim options.

Fiat Toro


Another interesting product from Fiat is a new compact-sized pickup called Toro. It will be smaller than the Fullback and will feature smaller engines but Toro will be capable of doing the same things as the Fullback while being more fuel efficient. The FCA is very close to introducing Toro to the American market, starting from 2018 so stay tuned for more information on this cute little truck.

Ram 1500

2017 Ram 1500 Rebel Mojave Sand Special Edition

Despite the fact that the current generation of Ram pickups is the oldest on the market, Ram is still one of the best. For 2018 you can expect an all-new model, freshly redesigned, with new engines, interior and features. More information will be released later this year with sales starting during early 2018. We can expect that the new generation will continue the heritage of previous models and keep its position on the market.

Ford F-150


The undisputed king of full-size pickups, the Ford F-150 is coming back for 2018 with minimal restyle, a couple of new trim details and an interesting addition to a wide arrange of engines – the 3.0-liter diesel engine. With that engine choice, it is more appealing to overseas customers and buyers concerned with fuel efficiency. Of course, there is the F-150 Raptor as the most dynamic version with unbelievable off-road capabilities.

Ford Ranger


The Ranger is a mid-sized truck which is very popular in Asia and Europe and for 2018 you can expect Ford to bring it back to the USA to battle Chevrolet Colorado. It is a modern looking double cab truck with modern design, comfortable cabin, and good equipment. Under the hood is a selection of four-cylinder engines, including diesel but for the American market, you can expect Ford’s signature EcoBoost turbocharged engines.

Mercedes X-Class


After more than a century of car manufacturing, Mercedes is finally entering the pickup market with 2018 X-Class. This will be a premium mid-size truck built on Nissan Navara basis but with Mercedes-Benz engines, interior trimmings, design, and components. Of course, despite the humble Nissan underpinnings, you can expect premium price and luxury like in all Mercedes products.

Honda Ridgeline


The brand new and just released Ridgeline pickup is one of the best driving trucks on the market but also least capable of all full-size models. The reason is simple, the chassis and suspension of the Ridgeline are more car-like, softer and comfort oriented. Of course, the Ridgeline can still carry and tow a lot of weight but the specific construction makes it the best choice for people who are using their trucks just for driving. If you need a truck for work, you might look for a different one.

GMC Sierra 1500

2016 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate

Basically the same as the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Sierra is somewhat better looking with a more aggressive front end and better equipment. Also, it is more luxurious and a little bit upscale. For 2018 you can expect even better creature comforts, slight redesign, and upgraded engines, all of which is important to keep the GMC`s position on the market.

Mitsubishi Triton


Not as popular as some competitors, but still quite a good truck, Mitsubishi Triton is a capable compact sized pickup with fuel efficient engine and tough mechanics. On the other hand, its interior is quite luxurious for this class with leather trim and infotainment system. If you want the best bang for your buck and you are in the market for a capable compact-sized truck, this is the one for you.

Hyundai Santa Cruz


After a very successful concept vehicle, Hyundai is preparing to enter the pickup market with a production Santa Cruz pickup. If you are expecting a tough machine you might be disappointed since the Santa Cruz will be more of a lifestyle truck, similar to the Mercedes X-Class. You can expect a 2.4-liter four cylinder as the base engine and around 200 hp. Also, a high level of interior comfort and equipment is expected. The sales should start in early 2018.

Ford Raptor


Introduced in 2017, this version of F-150 is so good and so different than the rest of the lineup that it is basically a separate model. This is the best off-road truck you can buy at the moment and the fastest thing you can take through the desert. For 2018, slight improvements are planned but the basic construction and layout will be unchanged. Of course, the competitors could introduce something that could fight the mighty Raptor.

Ram 2500 Power Wagon

2017 Ram Power Wagon

Similar to the Raptor, Power Wagon is an extremely capable off-road truck. However, Raptor is uncompromised dirt machine while the Power Wagon still has some boulevard manners and a higher level of usability in normal conditions. Since 2018 will bring us the new Ram you can expect that the new Power Wagon will be introduced as well. Until then, this is possibly the best Ram truck in the current lineup.

Tesla Model U


Even though this is just a rumor, Tesla Model U truck is generating a lot of hype. Reasonably so, we might add, since the concept of an electric truck from the future is very interesting and captivates the imagination of a lot of people. The basic specifications are not yet known but everything should be revealed in near future with the first working prototypes on the road by 2018. If everything goes as planned, Model U should mark the revolution in the pickup segment.

Jeep Wrangler Pickup


One of the biggest news in the pickup world for 2018 is the introduction of long-awaited and highly desirable Jeep Wrangler Pickup. This is a model that should combine Wrangler’s ruggedness and quality with the practicality of a pickup truck. Jeep has teased the public with concepts for years but only now has decided to present a full production version. Expect it to be officially announced in late 2017 and sales to start in mid-2018.

Nissan Titan


The Titan is a good, hardworking truck which doesn’t get the credit it deserves. It is one of the models with the most usable space and the longest bed (in single cab configuration). Along with a good selection of engines and signature quality, Titan is a good choice if you need a reliable and capable work vehicle.

Chevrolet Silverado 3500

2016 Chevrolet Silverado

If you are looking for the biggest and most powerful truck out there, Silverado 3500 should be the first choice. It is a heavy duty truck with monster engines and towing capacity of over 23,000 pounds. Whether you are towing stuff for a living or working in a construction business, this car is made for you. Of course, for everyday driving, it is a little bit too much, but as a workhorse it is perfect. For 2018 you can expect slight upgrades and more engine power.

Renault Alaskan


Another interesting pickup built on Nissan Navara chassis, similar as the Mercedes X-Class, Alaskan is a handsome mid-size truck with good off-road capabilities, 1-ton payload, and modern interior. At the moment, engine lineup consists of four-cylinder engines and it is only available in Europe and South America. However, Renault is planning to introduce Alaskan to other markets all over the globe.

Toyota Tundra


Despite the fact that Tundra is not a very modern-looking truck, it is still one of the best trucks you can buy for general use. You can expect a new model in the next couple of years but for now, Tundra is unchanged with the same range of engines, equipment, and trim levels. Toyota`s signature quality, decent comfort, and capability ensure that the Tundra has a place on our list.