If you think that pickup trucks are a typical American car class, you are wrong. It is true that American market is basically dominated by pickup trucks of all shapes and sizes and that pickups are an integral part of the American automotive landscape. But, in the last couple of years, this segment has started growing in popularity all over the world, especially in Europe. So, we can expect that pickups are going to be a truly global car class, bought and enjoyed in every corner of the planet. Simply, the advantages of pickup trucks, their ruggedness, capability, and looks are just too good to be ignored and buyers everywhere finally understand that a pickup is not only a workhorse but that it can be a pretty stylish ride which is capable of completing every task. That is why the pickup class is so interesting and there are a lot more to come for 2018. We have compiled a list of 20 best and most interesting pickup trucks that are coming in 2018 and here you can find new models, new drivetrain configurations, new versions and even two new manufacturers that are entering the pickup game. So, let’s start presenting you the colorful world of pickup trucks for 2018.

20. Chevrolet Colorado

Colorado Redline Edition

Chevrolet scored big with the introduction of the Colorado line. This is a mid-size truck which is capable of some pretty serious stuff, especially in ZR2 trim. This is a compact truck with abilities that can match a full-size Silverado, minus big weight, dimensions, and price. For 2018, you can expect that the Colorado will get a diesel option, better equipment, and trim additions. Good enough to keep it amongst the best trucks on the market.