It’s the moment many drivers dread; you crest a hill or come around a corner and there’s traffic police waiting.

Eyeing you as you drive by, they rip around and quickly pull in behind the car. Despite driving as safely and carefully as possible the nerves hit and your chest tightens, fingers gripping the wheel – then it happens: lights flashing, siren wailing, and that’s it, you are getting pulled over.

Most drivers have experienced this at least once, maybe when they were a new driver, or one day late for work and in a hurry, or even cruising around with that friend who never seems to see the cops until it’s too late.

No matter the reason, once you are ticketed you start examining why and how it happened. Sometimes it’s obvious, the squeal as the tires let loose or the dive of the nose on the car as you slammed on the brakes, but sometimes your left to wonder, “Did I really even do anything?”

One look at the bright red sports car can serve as a reminder; some cars are just ticket magnets. Here we’ll examine twenty vehicles that cops just love to pull over; in no particular order, they range from classic sports cars to the Hondas of the Fast and Furious generation to the supercars and hypercars of the elite. The question is – do more reckless drivers choose these cars, do these cars somehow make owners drive more recklessly, or are they just cars too audacious to avoid the attention of the police?

Nissan 350Z


The culmination of decades of experience in the design and building of wicked fast production and race cars, the 350Z 7899 is powered by the legendary bulletproof VQ35DE that hovers around 300 hp and propels this RWD sports car to a top speed of 160 mph from the factory. With a long sweptback hood and aggressive bodylines, it’s no wonder that these catch the eye of watchful cops around the country.