We gathered a list of some of the latest produced car models that we feel have a good chance at becoming classics in every sense of the term. To narrow the list to 20 vehicles, we limited our selection to vehicles from the 2010 model year or newer and with starting prices of below $100,000.

These models are still very new and not cheap at all yet, they are generally new enough and can still be found for a reasonable price. Keep in mind that driving your car is the best part of owning it and it will never be considered as a return on investment.


20. Lexus LC 500

Lexus LC 500 sport coupe has a sharply angled styling and athletic proportions. You can choose from the LC500 with its thunderous V-8 or LC500h hybrid that uses a V-6 and two electric motors to provide a combined output of 354 hp.

Its fuel efficiency benefits don’t outweigh its increased price or decreased power. Steering and brakes are excellent.