Not everyone has a few million dollars to spend on a European supercar. Then again, there are few places to drive that European supercar as fast as it can go. What most of us have is a limited budget, speed limits, speed bumps, roads with potholes too, but also the desire for something that is fun, fast and fashionable.

The secret is big names and fast cars can be found new for under $30,000. They can be used to go grocery shopping or to take the children to school, while also having the power to perform when needed. Below are twenty fast cars that can be found brand new at dealerships for under $30,000. They are all great value, and they all go like the clappers.

Dodge Challenger SXT Plus

1 2016-challenger-md-sxt_plus-braking

Plenty of size, power and noise for a very affordable price – this is exactly what we are looking for. It may not be the top of the line Challenger, but few people know this as it roars on by them. The V-6 in the SXT Plus produces 305 hp, and the car comes with a rear spoiler, performance suspension and eight speed automatic. To get a V-8, the Challenger doesn’t quite make the $30,000 cut-off price point as that starts at $32,000, but maybe you can stretch the budget a little. The most expensive Challenger is priced at $64,195, so the Dodge Challenger SXT Plus is a bargain. The Dodge Challenger SXT Plus isn’t just fast, it is also luxurious. The front seats and the steering wheel are heated. The driver has a six-way power seat, as well as satellite radio, a high-resolution touchscreen and sound system with 276-watt amplifier.