Did you know that Britain is currently being watched by a staggering 4.2 million CCTV cameras? The extraordinary spread of CCTV, and the increased use of dashboard cameras and mobile phone videos, have revealed an extraordinary insight into life. Below is a series of amazing videos where everyday people survive the impossible. Enjoy some of the narrowest escapes ever recorded!


This has to be one of the hairiest crossroad accidents ever recorded and it is absolutely addictive on loop! It is extraordinary that nobody was seriously injured in this accident, especially the vulnerable cyclist who wasn’t even wearing a helmet.


The gait of these three, laid-back young students is in direct contrast to the terrifying speed of this transit van. The fact that they escape with barely more than a nudge, considering all the flying debris, is miraculous!


The rise of dashboard camera footage has produced some of the world’s most shocking accident videos. The hazardous weather in this video builds a sense of foreboding but the shocking damage just feet away from this driver is truly astounding.


Fate may well have played a hand in this young school kid’s life. The kick of the stone would suggest he was in a sore mood, let’s hope the brush with death helped him get some perspective!


This guy may well be an extra for the Four Tops but his cheerful dance moves turn to a hasty escape when this car  climbs the pavement at full speed.


This terrifying video depicts the catastrophic damage of a tsunami. This driver was able to retain composure and think on his wheels. We only hope he was fast enough to outrun the devastation behind him.


The long-haul TGS MAN truck may be described as “robust, economical and safe” but when it failed to make this corner our driver made the stop of their life.


This driver appears to have no idea they are trying to turn a beast that’s over 20 feet long. Watching the driver of the scooter jump skittishly away, you can really feel how aware he is of his brush with fate.


Live broadcasts have brought us many hilarious and hair-raising clips and this Fox News report reveals the danger of filming at a busy American junction. We only hope it wasn’t deliberate!


This does nothing for my lack of faith in pedestrian crossings but I can hardly believe the composure of the guy. A small nod to the driver who did stop and he’s on with his day!


This rally car attendant is smart enough to duck under the tape and make a bid for escape but he sure has to be thankful for that tree as he comes away completely unscathed.


This poor guy may be trying to look slick in his tracksuit and shades but his Dick van Dyke dance moves as he escapes a car climbing the pavement are what really impresses me.


This rally accident in a rural English village could have been extremely dangerous. We assume the car comes to a stop just out of shot and that the driver gets a drink in the pub to steady their nerves!


Okay, don’t say I didn’t warn you about pedestrian crossings! Thankfully this man is already walking quickly but his panicked acceleration saves him from serious injury. You can almost feel the bus brushing past him.


This is possibly one of the most distressing videos on this list. The sheer power of the moving car, that forces the door to turn fully on its hinges, makes it almost impossible to believe the young girl and boy were not injured in this accident.


That is a skillfully-avoided collision. One for all you perfectionists out there.


This incident on an English motorway in 2016 reminds us of the danger of driving in hazardous conditions. It is slightly ironic that the car should crash into a vehicle recovery van.


This rally driver photographer is clearly dedicated to his art. He seems almost disappointed by the debris and water caused by the crash just inches from his body. Did it spoil his shot?


This is like something from an action movie. I almost expect the four men to make it comfortably through the gap in wheels of the oil rig. Thankfully their observation and flight skills saved all four of them.


Twinkletoes here has a very graceful way of exiting the path of certain danger! Michael Jackson would be impressed with the moonwalk through the ice!