It is safe to say that we are living in an automotive golden age. Never before were there so many new models, interesting design solutions, various car classes and this is just the beginning. To stay competitive, manufacturers present new ideas constantly and the car world is, at the moment, a very dynamic and interesting place. On the other hand, new markets all around the world inspired the industry to keep introducing new models and evolve on a daily basis. This is why the introductions of new concepts or production ready models are very interesting and we have compiled a full list of 20 new cars that will go on sale or be officially introduced in 2018. Here you can find various makes and models as well as a few cars that are expected to be announced next year. It looks like 2018 will be a very interesting and exciting year in the automotive industry so let’s get straight to it.

20. Jeep Grand Cherokee

2018 JeepĀ® Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

The new generation of Grand Cherokee is big news for 2018 since Jeep has started a big offensive on the global market. The new Grand Cherokee should introduce new levels of luxury, new engines, fresh and aggressive design and also significant off-road capabilities. Jeep is planning to put a new model against the luxury SUV giants like BMW X5 or Range Rover. The final design has not been revealed but it should look similar to outgoing models but more modern and aggressive. You can expect it to be on sale next year and official information should be released in late 2017.