Since 2009 global cars sales have been escalating steadily. After the end of the Global Financial Crisis, which saw major motor companies in the US receive very generous bail-out packages from the US Government, selling motor cars has become the industry de jour. In 2016, 88 million new cars and light commercial vehicles were sold worldwide, which was an increase of almost 5% on the previous year.

The trends in car sales have changed over the years, with a rise in the popularity of the SUV and the dual cab pickup taking some market away from the small sedans and hatchbacks that have dominated in previous years. The people mover and the large family sedan are fading into history as consumers design their purchasing choices around versatility and relative fuel efficiency. An examination of the 20 top selling cars around the world over the last 12 months will help us examine those trends.

  1. Honda Civic


Available since 1972 the Civic has evolved into a sporty mid-sized sedan/hatch, with the technology edge that buyers would expect from a leading Japanese manufacturer. The car offers external styling that is, unfortunately, closely matched with other cars in its space (most specifically the Mazda 6) which may be facilitating its bleeding market share. Nonetheless the current model Civic retains the high operating standards of its predecessors, and is a worthy contributor to open out the top 20.

Honda’s quality reputation is showcased beautifully with this car, which has certainly been put together with the intention of creating an enjoyable driving experience. They have succeeded magnificently, with the current model connecting the driver to the road seamlessly.