1. Honda Jazz


Known as the Fit in Japan, China and the US, the Honda Jazz is one of the few Supermini Hatchbacks making its way into the top 20. Designed for versatility, and with Honda’s technology pack crammed in, the Jazz represents incredible value of money, albeit in a car that will not appeal to everyone. One of the smallest cars on the list, the Jazz nonetheless manages to fit in 18 seating combinations to maximise the interior space, without missing any of the driver assistance systems necessary for a car that is priced to appeal to inexperienced drivers.

Rear parking cameras are standard throughout the range, as is a touch screen entertainment system and smooth Bluetooth connectivity. Aimed clearly at city drivers, the introduction of Autonomous Emergency Braking (Citystop) is necessary for the Jazz to find a place higher in this list, as is the inclusion of Apple Carplay into the entertainment system.