SUVs are dominating the car buying market at the moment, with increasing competition between the different manufacturers. There is, however, a level of uniformity of appearance evident, with little to distinguish between most players. The versatility that is a feature of the SUV has the unfortunate result of creating a wide range of cars that look very much alike.

In reaction to this, a number of the mainstream manufacturers are looking for price to be their differentiator. This is sensational news for the consumer of course, as price has never been this low for a crossover, and, due to advances in technology, value has never been this high. The following is a list of the new SUVs on the market that are plunging prices in order to either increase their profile or maintain their share of the market.

20. Nissan Murano $29,740


A leader in styling, with a starting price of under $30,000 the Nissan Murano is a drop-dead bargain. The Murano is probably the best value proposition on the list, with technology and comfort inclusions that most buyers would only expect from the premium European brands. Nissan has worked hard to establish itself in this space and have delivered a smart attractive and capable market dominator with the Murano