If you are looking to buy a brand new automobile, and you’re on a limited budget, every special offer is worth considering, as many manufacturers have some special deals waiting for you. The search for that perfect deal can be long and exhausting, so we are here to help by shortlisting 15 best new car deals for 2017. Many of them expire soon, so you’ll have to act fast!

Hyundai Elantra


Korean manufacturer has decided to offer up to $4.750 of potential savings off their Elantra sedan. Limited models are offered at $3,000 off, whereas ECO, Value Edition and SE have a $2,500 discount. If you are looking to buy an Elantra Sport, you will get a $2,000 discount. On top of that, there’s also $750 for financing at non-promotional rates, and if you already drive a Hyundai, there’s a $500 loyalty bonus, without the need to trade-in your current car. The base Elantra has an $18,985 MSRP price tag.