Money cannot buy sophistication, but a refined gentleman with class can use money to find an automobile that shows the world he is successful and knows how to portray himself to the world. It isn’t about showing off – there are no garish colors and no need for loud engines here – it is about being worldly and dignified, with taste. People will still look at the car and be impressed, as they are seeing the epitome of good design.

There are many vehicles that a refined gentleman can acquire that offer these qualities. New luxury models are certainly a good choice, there are great cars from the past that definitely need to be considered, and there are also some others that offer class with versatility.

Below are thirty cars that would certainly fit the needs of a refined gentleman.

New Luxury Cars for Refined Gentlemen

Bentley Flying Spur


The Bentley is suited to a refined gentleman. Under the hood is a big W12, the 6-liter engine that powers the Torsen all-wheel drive system. Inside, there are so many luxurious features, with drivers surrounded by polished wood and hand-stitched leather.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase


Not just a new Rolls-Royce, but a long version to make an even bigger impression. There’s luxury everywhere, and real power under the hood. The eight-speed transmission is connected to a V-12 with twin turbos. The car can act as an office and the rear seating can be an entertainment center. While its style is connected to Rolls-Royce of the past, it has all of today’s technology.

BMW 6-Series


There are many different types of Bavarian speed machines that drivers want, but a refined gentleman may prefer the style of the 6-Series. The new BMW 6-Series follows a “grand tradition of timeless fascination”, and tradition is something that mirrors refinement. The cars come in two- and four-door varieties, plus there is a convertible too. It’s smooth on the outside and full of luxury inside, like the Cognac/Black leather that matches the black steering wheel and wood trim.

Chrysler 300


Large, powerful, and affordable compared to some similar cars, the 300 makes a statement about the driver, subtly pointing out they are a refined and important individual. The timeless car comes with a V-6 engine, with a HEMI V-8 optional for those who want to go a bit faster. The car has distinctive styling; the big grille gives the car a presence while the rear of the car looks similar to large luxury models from decades past.

2017 Cadillac CT6


When people describe something as the best, they use Cadillac to describe it. Therefore, a Cadillac can certainly be the right choice for a refined gentleman. There is power and handling in the CT6 sedan. One interior color to choose is “Very Light Cashmere with Maple Sugar Accents”, which is how a classy gentleman might describe brown. Cadillac has the idea that the car could be driven to see a show at a concert hall, but with 34 speakers inside the car the sound quality might actually be better in the car. Important features like enhanced night vision and pedestrian collision mitigation technology keep the CT6 a Cadillac for this millennium.

Volvo S90


Not just a sedan, the Volvo S90 is an “executive sedan” for its buyers, which is what people would expect to see a distinguished person driving. It performs well, it is very safe and reliable, but importantly it is also full of luxurious appointments. Volvo likes to think of the interior as a “Scandinavian sanctuary”, and with its wood trim from the Swedish forest and white leather seats that look like snow, it is an impressive display. The exterior is also fashionable; something which was not always associated with the “boxy” Volvo cars of the past.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class


Famous German engineering makes Mercedes-Benz cars wanted by those who enjoy quality. This car is loaded with luxury and technology, and while it will do everything it can to avoid accidents it actually has a feature where if an impact is imminent that it will emit a noise to prepare the occupants’ ears for the crash. While that feature may never be activated, all of the navigation and entertainment features will be used by passengers. Many of the features can be used with controls on the steering wheel, making the car easy to use and also keeping the driver safe.

Buick Regal


You can tell by the name alone that this is a car for the refined gentleman. Buick agrees, on the official Regal web page it says the car and its driver will “make an impression without saying a word”. The car comes with a long list of features, from auto-dimming inside mirrors to illuminated footwells.

Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid


The Malibu Hybrid comes with a 1.4-liter engine plus an electric drive unit that has two integrated electric motors. Heated seats, wireless phone charging, a touchscreen, satellite radio, keyless opening and start – the Malibu does a lot. You can travel around in the Malibu in comfort and style without paying through the nose.

Audi A8


Big and luxurious, and with Audi’s Quattro technology, the A8 handles well too. With electric everything including night vision, a refined gentleman will not only travel in style but get there aided by amazing technology. There is even a model that is bulletproof, the Audi A8 L Security, although a gentleman probably avoids those areas of town that require a car that can withstand gunshots and even grenades.

Classic Automobiles for Refined Gentlemen

Rolls-Royce Corniche


With production going from the early 1970s into the middle of the 1990s, there are many different Corniche models to choose from. They all have the expected Rolls-Royce shape and the distinctive grill. They all have two doors, a large V-8, and an automatic transmission. A choice that drivers did have was between coupe and convertible.

1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 NART Spider


$25,000,000 may not be enough to purchase this classic. The stylish, two-door convertible comes with a 3.3-liter V12. With a reported production run of only ten, the NART Spider is an enthusiast’s car.

1956 Continental Mark II


From Ford and Lincoln, this classic automobile has a great shape, a famous name, and a big 6.0-liter engine. Very long, and wide, it still has a sleek and refined look, which is shown by the trunk lid and how it is formed for the spare. When brand new, this was the car that Hollywood stars, businessmen, and gentlemen had to have, and it still has many fans today.

Jaguar XJ40


The XJ Series I, II, and III had provided Jaguar drivers with great cars for many years, and in the middle of the 1980s, Jaguar replaced that line with the XJ40. It continued to provide refined four-door cars but with much better quality and technology. It did look similar to the previous XJ but was vastly improved and its rectangle headlights were a big change to the round ones of old. Power was provided by an inline-6 engine. If more power was needed, some cars made late in the production run came with a V-12.

1987 Cadillac Coupe de Ville


A Cadillac with style and, today, a low price. The big grille, a vinyl covering on the roof; it has a look that still says sophistication today. The model had three V-8 engines to choose from, and there was also a diesel V-6 too. The two-door coupe is the way to go, although there is also a four-door shape for those who have someone to do the driving while they enjoy the luxury as a passenger in the back.

1989 Lexus LS 400

16The first of many Japanese luxury cars from the offshoot of Toyota, the original Lexus still has a look that drivers admire today. It was designed to take on luxury European brands and compete with them in quality, engineering, and style. It has a 4-liter V-8 but it is also a quiet and refined vehicle, due to its build quality and aerodynamics. While many refined gentlemen won’t consider a Japanese car as their first choice, many others will think a Lexus is as good as anything else. With wood and leather inside and many electric features, it has the look and feel of a European vehicle.

1930 LaSalle Series 340


Just like a Cadillac, the LaSalle brand was around as a GM brand for several decades and provided luxury at a price just under that of Cadillac. A 1930 model with its big headlights, chrome, and prominent spare tire in front of the right doors make it stand out. It has a refinement that cannot be found today. It could also have the need for spare parts that are very hard to find today. A V-8 provides the power to this elegant automobile.

Lincoln Town Car Jack Nicklaus Signature Series


Produced during the 1990s, if a refined gentleman is on the way to the golf course then this special model is the way to go. While it has many features that the Lincoln Town Car always had, this special edition has even more with a unique green paint and special badging. If the car was driven by a valet at the course, then the special memory seats could be used so the driver can get his preferred seating position back with a touch of a button. A 4.6 liter V-8 was under the hood.

Jaguar E-Type Series I


Classic Jaguar style of the 1960s, the E-Type is a very special vehicle. Beneath the long hood was a six-cylinder engine – either 3.8 liters or 4.2 liters. The car was made to perform but to also be luxurious when doing it. Leather seats, a stylish dashboard – it was a car that was designed specifically for a refined gentleman.

1960 Aston Martin DB4


A great English look, especially in British Racing Green colors, the DB4 is a sporty vehicle with its 3.7-liter engine but one that is also refined. On the outside it is sleek and on the inside, it has a very clean design with colors that work well together. The thin steering wheel and instrument cluster might give it a look of the 1920s while its speed and handling were ahead of its time.

1947 Buick Roadmaster


Big curves, a large grille, even the name suggests greatness; a man would be the master of the road in this classic. Two doors look best, although there was a four-door and a wagon available. There were leather, wood grain, and power windows, so while the car is not new it still has the refinements that people take for granted today.

1995 Volvo 940


With excellent safety and technology, a Volvo shows the driver is a sensible and refined person, one who is practical and knowledgeable. The 940 didn’t show off, it was a sensible car, although if the driver wanted to add some speed to it there was always the turbocharger option. Other features increased the luxury, such as leather seats and a sunroof.

1989 Chrysler LeBaron convertible


With hidden headlights and various trim options, even wood paneling on the exterior, the LeBaron was something that got noticed for its style but in an understated way. There were speed performance options too, and the line did have a turbocharged engine. There was a coupe version too, but the convertible is the nicer option.

1955 Daimler Regency Mark II


With some immense curved sections, covered rear wheels, and a large grille, this Daimler transported its occupants in style. The inside of the vehicle used wood and other luxurious items, while the power came from a 3-liter engine.

1983 Dodge Mirada


A luxury coupe that isn’t seen on roads a lot now, the Dodge Mirada has a hint of muscle car in its styling while keeping a refined sense of style. There were various roof options, three types of engines, and many luxury items for the interior.

Versatile and Stylish Cars for Refined Gentlemen

Range Rover


They have been around for a long time now, but an early model or a brand new vehicle will look similar and also give someone the option of luxury while going about numerous off-road activities. If a refined gentleman needs to take his horses to the track, then towing the horse float with a Range Rover is the thing to do.

Bentley Bentayga


In Luxury SUVs, to find the very top tier of this category, drivers may want to go to Bentley. With so many features and the ability to configure them upon purchase, it is a refined SUV for a well-traveled person. Even the paint names are refined, like Burnt Oak and Dark Cashmere. One option is a Union Jack flag exterior badge.

Infiniti QX56


An affordable luxury SUV from Nissan’s luxury brand. It is designed for comfort, on the road or off it. It has an entertainment system, the seats are heated, and there is lots of leather and wood trim. An option for the second row of seats is to have a large console/armrest, which cuts down on passenger capacity but certainly adds luxury.

Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class


If the GLC-Class is considered to be high-quality by drivers, then the GLE-Class must be really top-of-the-line. Previously known as the M-Class, the vehicle has all-wheel drive with many technologies keeping it safe on the road. The interior is loaded with luxury, technology, and other refinements, and an option to “turn the back seat into a mobile theater”.

Cadillac XT5


If “Luxury” is only the second level of interior option, then this has to be a vehicle for a refined gentleman. It has everything that other Cadillacs have, as well as 63 cubic feet of cargo area if needed. There is leather and technology and luxury, and versatility. A person doesn’t even have to touch the vehicle to load the cargo, as a driver can move their foot near the rear bumper and the XT5 will open up.