Money cannot buy sophistication, but a refined gentleman with class can use money to find an automobile that shows the world he is successful and knows how to portray himself to the world. It isn’t about showing off – there are no garish colors and no need for loud engines here – it is about being worldly and dignified, with taste. People will still look at the car and be impressed, as they are seeing the epitome of good design.

There are many vehicles that a refined gentleman can acquire that offer these qualities. New luxury models are certainly a good choice, there are great cars from the past that definitely need to be considered, and there are also some others that offer class with versatility.

Below are thirty cars that would certainly fit the needs of a refined gentleman.

New Luxury Cars for Refined Gentlemen

Bentley Flying Spur


The Bentley is suited to a refined gentleman. Under the hood is a big W12, the 6-liter engine that powers the Torsen all-wheel drive system. Inside, there are so many luxurious features, with drivers surrounded by polished wood and hand-stitched leather.