Nostalgia never ceases to be a dominant emotion in any enthusiast driver’s everyday life. There is the fondness for the make and model of your first car, then your first real-brand new car. Memories are forever tied to that specific make and model of vehicle, the color, the upholstery and the passengers it carried.

For those of us who were driving in the 90s, the cars were all much improved and impressive relative to their predecessors. Car manufacturers focused on sleek design and aerodynamics, putting down the straight edge and the T-square, at the same time where technology began to advance dramatically, leading to breakthroughs in performance. The 90s are a decade that marked the advent of a new kind of motor vehicle, and some of the best any driver has driven. Below are 30 of the best cars of the ‘90s.

BMW E39 M5


The E39 M5 saw an increase in power with a 4.9L V8 engine. It was produced in greater numbers than the previous generations of this German model. Unlike its predecessors, the M5 was manufactured on the same assembly line as the regular 5-series lineup, in Dingolfing, Germany. The E39 M5 is considered by many to have the cleanest 5-Series body style ever designed.