One of the more unfortunate rules of automotive industry is that no matter how well you build a car, it doesn’t mean it will sell. Let’s be honest, cars have become more of an accessory these days, and people are looking at things other than the engine and mileage when they are choosing which car to buy. This phenomenon led to a number of rather great cars being made, that were almost immediately or eventually forgotten and disregarded for no apparent reason. Check out this list of 30 such cars that suffered that fate.


Lexus LFA
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Lexus LFA saw limited production between 2010 and 2012, and offered some incredible features such as the carbon fiber body and a mighty V10. However the fact that there are still new ones around for sale, almost four years later, tells you that it was a complete flop. Although it wasn’t and still isn’t a very practical car by any means, it’s one of those special models we get to see once every decade or so.