Ever since the dawn of man kind it was common knowledge that only people traversing vast desert areas, are those who absolutely have to. Humans were simply not built to survive in such adverse conditions. Only the Tuaregs, Bedouins, and few other groups are known for traveling the vast deserts, but they’ve developed a completely different, nomadic way of life. In this day and age, there are not many reasons for someone to travel across the desert, however if you had to, what vehicle would get you across? Not many vehicles are capable of performing this daunting task, but there are some that have what it takes. Check out these 30 vehicles that will survive a trip across the desert.

Toyota Land Cruiser
immortal vehicles desert 1
If you’ve watched the news in the past 10 or more years, you’ve probably seen countless Toyota pickup trucks in hands of various warlords and terrorist organizations. Most of those are Land Cruisers. With incredible engines, trusty AWD, and just rugged design, Land Cruisers are near indestructible. Even the years of wartime use with little to no maintenance is not enough to bring these beasts to a halt. Needless to say, it’s a perfect choice for driving across the desert.