We all know about their success on the track, their moments of joy and hardship. But what do we know about their better halves? Who are the women behind these successful drivers, and what do they look like? Some of them are well known, some aren’t, but they all share their husband’s passion for racing and show their support both on and off the track. These are the hottest NASCAR wives.

Ashton Clapp
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 1
Wife of Trevor Bayne is definitely one of the hottest wives of NASCAR. You can find her at almost any race her husband is participating in, and if you see them together, you’ll know just how good these two are together.

Ingrid Vandebosch 
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 2
Jeff Gordon is probably one of the most popular NASCAR drivers today, and he is also one of the luckiest men alive having Ingrid Vanderbosch for a wife. She is as gorgeous as they come, which explains her successful modeling career.

Jordan Fish
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 3
Although it’s not official yet, we have a pretty good hunch that Danny Hamlin is going to come up with a ring soon and make his relationship with his girlfriend Jordan Fish, official. This Southern girl met Hamlin while she was competing in a beauty pageant, and things took off pretty quick from there.

Kim Burton
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 4
If Jeff is on the track, you can bet that Kim will be there cheering for him. Cameras love her, and her reactions to her husband’s driving make NASCAR a fun show to watch. Aside from her lively personality, Mrs. Burton is also a stunningly beautiful woman.

Crystal Hornish 
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 5
Unlike some of the wives on this list, Crystal Hornish is a laid back type of girl whose world revolves around her family. Sam and Crystal enjoy share this attitude, and love spending time with their three kids. Needless to say Crystal is on this list for a reason, one look at her should tell you why.

Connie Montoya
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 6
Juan Pablo Montoya is a very lucky guy. Not only is he a successful F1 driver who found his new career in NASCAR, but he also has Connie for a wife. This woman is simply beautiful, but she also has that sophisticated aura around her.

Krissie Newman 
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 7
Krissie is the kind of gal that looks good no matter what she wears or where she goes. She’s has the girl next door looks, so it’s no wonder Ryan fell for her. You won’t see her with a ton of makeup on, or a crazy hairstyle. She doesn’t need any of that and she knows it.

Lynne Allmendinger 
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 8
Former model and now a chiropractor, Lynne Allmendinger has a lot going for her at the moment. Her husband, AJ Allmendinger definitely has a strong supporter in Lynne. Both moral, and professional. You can bet she’s fixing his spine after several hours of NASCAR suspension.

DeLana Harvick
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 9
Daughter of a NASCAR veteran, DeLana Harvick is no stranger to NASCAR. She’s been around racing since very young age, and she used to be a co-owner and manager of her husband’s racing team until it was sold in 2011.

Samantha Sarcinella 
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 10
Until she met Kyle Busch, Samantha Sarcinella had no involvement with NASCAR at all. This fitness enthusiast is known for her blog which she runs, and for her looks. Just like a lot of his colleagues, Kyle got pretty lucky!

Ashley Judd 
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 11
She needs no introduction, as she is probably the only wife on our list who is more famous than her husband. If you didn’t know, his name is Dario Franchitti. Even with her busy schedule, Ashley is frequently on the track giving support to her husband.

Katie Kenseth 
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 12
The story of Matt and Katie sounds like something from a movie. They grew up so close to each other, and not even knowing it. They’ve met in the late nineties, and just like in every other romcom, they instantly fell for each other.

Lorra Podsiadlo 
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 13
For a guy that doesn’t have a great reputation with ladies, Clint Bowyer definitely won a lottery when he met Lorra Podsiadlo. She’s a caring and patient woman, sticking with her husband for years now. The couple is happy and expecting their first child soon.

Chandra Johnson 
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 14
Wife of the very successful Jimmie Johnson, Chandra Johnson is not only stunningly beautiful, she is also the driving force behind her husband’s charitable foundation. Jimmie is a lucky man to have a woman like Chandra standing next to him.

Sherry Pollex
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 15
Girlfriend of Martin Truex Jr, is not only beautiful, but also a strong willed survivor who won’t let anything hold her down. After a successful battle with cancer, Sherry became a strong voice for all those who are going through this tragic ordeal.

Courtney Sauter
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 16
Wife of Johnny Sauter, Cortney, likes to keep their private life out of public’s view. From what we can gather, she’s a loving person who supports her husband’s career every step of the way. She also happens to be very attractive, leading us to wholeheartedly congratulate Mr. Sauter.

Nicole Biffle
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 17
It’s fair to say that Nicole Biffle stuns the media every time she shows up to a NASCAR banquet. Her impeccable style only compliments her beauty. Both Nicole and Greg Biffle don’t mind showing the world how much they love each other.

Niki Taylor
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 18
Niki Taylor is a model, and wife of Burney Lamar. She and her husband are happily married and have two children together, along with two more from Taylor’s previous marriage. It’s not hard to see what attracted Lamar to his wife, as this lady simply steals the spotlight anywhere she goes.

Athena Barber
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 19
She was voted the hottest NASCAR girlfriend of 2007, and for a good reason. Ms. Barber’s relationship with Clint Bowyer didn’t last long, but it definitely stole the media spotlight while it did. She went on to exploit her shot exposure to fame after the breakup, which some in the community find rather shallow.

Erin Bates
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 20
Chad Paine and Erin Bates are one of the most admired couples in NASCAR. They don’t open their private lives to the public too much, but they made an exception when it was announced that Erin is expecting their second child.

Trisha Mears
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 21
Trisha and Casey Mears are living life to the fullest. They are parents to two adorable kids, and are spending whatever time they have with them. Mears are often called the coolest in NASCAR because of their active lifestyle, great personalities, and of course great looks.

Tara Roquemore
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 22
Tara’s relationship with Tony Stewart wasn’t a long one, especially considering his reputation with women. While it lasted she was definitely one of the most stunning ladies in the pits, and was an obvious camera magnet at any event.

Emily Maynard
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 23
Ex-fiancée of late Ricky Hendrick was only 18 when he lost his life in a tragic accident. They were about to get married and she was already pregnant with their daughter. Unfortunately what was supposed to be a perfect love story ended up quite differently, but Emily is happily marred now, 12 years later.

Buffy Waltrip
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 24
After 17 years of marriage, Buffy and Michael Waltrip decided to end their relationship in 2010.While they were together, they were known as one of the several power couples in the industry. They even owned a racing team together.

Marisa Miller
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 25
Model and actress Marisa Miller was married to Jim Miller for two years, and during that time she was considered to be the hottest wife of NASCAR period. This talented lady charmed not only Jim Miller, but just about anyone who ever met her.

Ashley Van Metre
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 26
Ashley just recently got engaged to Kurt Busch after almost 10 years of dating. The two proved to be the perfect choice for each other, and are happily together to this day. Busch is without a doubt one lucky guy.

Whitney Scott
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 27
Wife of Brian Scott, Whitney, is looking great as ever. The two are happily married and enjoy their spare time with their young daughter when ever they can. This couple really has what can only be called a perfect marriage.

Taylor Hunter
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 28
Austin Dillon has a new girlfriend, and her name is Taylor Hunter. Not only is she beautiful, but she also supports Dillon at the track when ever she can. The two really hit it off, and we can maybe expect some positive news in the future.

Katelyn Sweet
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 29
Speaking of hot girlfriends, Kyle Larson also got into a relationship with a stunning blonde by the name of Katelyn Sweet. She’s one gorgeous lady, and Larson is one very lucky guy. Hopefully their relationship will grow into something bigger.

Kate Downey
hottest nascar wives and girlfriends 30
Kate is a woman many men dream about, not only because she is incredibly beautiful, but because she’s also pretty smart. Kate is a physician helping patients with severe and traumatic brain injuries in their recovery.